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Manners & Common Courtesy

Manners are the lub of society yet so many parents seem to be failing in teaching these simple lessons to their kids. Has common courtesy gone down the drain?All through childhood, we are taught to behave properly. Unfortunately, when some people are grown up, they behave differently. Social media...
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The Invisible Disability - Dyslexia

Our daughter is 8 years old, she was diagnosed as dyslexic, 1st percentile, last August. We had an idea her brother was diagnosed aged 12, he's now 22 years old. What we weren't prepared for was a stagnant education system that has failed to move forward and progress in the 10 years between our...
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Happiness Is Just Around The Corner.

How is 2018 going for you so far? Have you ditched the New Years Resolutions already? If you have don't feel bad, it takes 28 days to form a new habit (not 21 like some might think) in 21 days the habit is formed, 28 days it's ingrained in your DNA. So here's my question...
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The Secret To Success

Is finding out what success really means to you. Everyone's idea of success if different. For me, success is living honestly and truthfully as my soul intended. It's having the freedom to live my life as I see fit surrounded by loving, caring people who appreciate my time and energy ...
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Don’t Work For Free

We've all been there you're asked to sponsor an event, help out a family member or friend but my absolute favourite is the amount of "exposure" you will get for the work you produce. They want you to market their event in the weeks prior, reserve a big part of...
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Successful Collaborating

A key factor of successful collaboration is respecting your teammates - their views, experiences, and areas of expertise. It's about recognising the knowledge each person brings. Respect each individual's skill sets and ownership. Everything has a cost or value, if that value is undermined it creates an unsettling environment. Let's...
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Manners are the lub of society yet so many parents seem to be failing in teaching these simple lessons to their kid……
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