Create a Life of Freedom
The Journey

Keeping Calm While Selling And Buying A House

There is nothing like a car crash or life altering situation to make you access, evaluate and take note of the life you are living. Having just walked away from a car crash without a scratch with my 5-year-old daughter the first thing on my path to #creatingalifeoffreedom was where...
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The Break Up (from a friends perspective)

I am blessed with a good relationship with my partner/soul mate. We are together 20+ years, married for 7 of those. Sometimes I'm surprised at the length of time we are together, age 42 I've spent half my adult life with this person. He is my best friend and I cannot imagine...
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Life Changing Moment

And then the crash happened. I’m not talking about the financial crash, life has a funny way of stopping you in your tracks and showing you the error of your ways when you least expect it. In my case, that day came recently and is a powerful reminder to...
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Challenging Times, Sudden Death

They say time heals a broken heart. It doesn't you just learn to live with the pain that bit better with each passing day. I was 40 weeks pregnant and trying to persuade the doctors at the hospital not to induce me. I was determined to go into labour naturally. My...
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@GeraldKean #SundayAMTV3 Thanks for highlighting the decent hard working people of Tallaght who have been subjected……
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