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JT Foxx Mega Speaker Series

Yesterday JT Foxx came to Dublin for his Mega Speaker Series. Deemed the World's #1 Wealth Coach, real estate investor, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist I had to go check this guy out being the successful entrepreneur that I am. I arrived at 9 am to a packed room at The Gresham Hotel, Dublin. 380 people crammed into a stifling hot room, all eager to learn how to become JT's next top speaker and millionaire. The hook was a chance to interview John Travolta, 50 Cent, Fredrick Eklund and Calvin Klein (announced at this event) for 15 minutes at his Family Reunion II, Nov 10th-13th in Orlando, Florida. He was going to pick 20 people from the audience to become his "students" and he claimed he will boost their success by coaching and brand association. All sounds great, I couldn't wait for the day to begin. JT Foxx promised to share how he went from "broke to millionaire underdog" and disclose the secrets to his success.

It started off with Brent Turtely sharing his story and to be fair Bret's presentation was insightful and inspiring. He shares some sales tips e.g Show the person how your product/service will make their life easier, convenient and how it will benefit their life. Simple easy sales tips, nothing groundbreaking. He went on to encourage you to be passionate about the business path you choose to create because if you are passionate about the business overcoming obstacles will be a lot easier. I tend to agree with Brent. Find your "WHY" was also discussed and this, in my opinion, is vital to a successful business. You need a WHY. Why are you putting yourself through this? My WHY is my family, especially our two children. They are the fuel that encourages me to leap into action daily to ensure we continue to live a positive full filled life. Brent's message to go beyond communicating with people to connecting with people sounded sincere. Overall his presentation was average, good at best, nothing like "mega speaker" status. However he delivered his message well and if you are at the beginning of your journey starting a business his tips could be invaluable, to a start-up.

Just before lunch JT greeted the audience, in fairness he did share the various different types of speakers e.g Key Note, Education Based Speaking, Platform Speaking etc and ran through what each of them meant. He also ran through the different models of speaking and what you should disclose in each session e.g 90 min model, 3-hour model, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days etc etc. He also disclosed some of his secrets "never charge per hour for coaching, always try to sell packages". If you sell coaching by the hour you have created a job for yourself, not a business. JT believes you need to be an entrepreneur to become a speaker and I'd have to agree with him. There is no point in speaking about business, property or anything else if you don't have the experience and authority to back it up. JT ran through the various Speaker Coach models e.g Speaker Coach Generalist, Speaker Coach Authority and Speaker Coach Celebrity. He also ran through how to create a slideshow for your own event, slide by slide, what to put on each slide for maximum impact.

JT Foxx believes the contributing factors to successful entrepreneurs and speakers are the following:


How he measures success is through results/wealth. Most successful business owners measure success through results. However, success means many different things to many different people. Being accepting of people's perception of success is humbling. People have different values and different cultures. In my opinion, JT Foxx measures success in monetary values only accompanied by celebrity status. This is the impression I got from having attended his 1-day event in Dublin. Let's be honest the audience desires one thing: to get rich. That's the only reason they were in attendance. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich, it's the path or journey to richness that's important, that showcases the type of person we are e.g are we a person of integrity, values and consciousness or just out to make a quick buck?

Coming up to lunch JT revealed how he had received coaching from various mentors and attendees could purchase a CD bundle of his for €195 which would teach the recipient to be a master speaker/coach. I was undecided if I'd return after lunch (lunch is not included, it's a free event) as a successful entrepreneur myself I hadn't learned anything I didn't already know. I was curious as to how the "marketing seminar" with Francie Baldwin was going to go down so I decided to show up after lunch. Upon my return, a sizeable amount of attendees failed to return. Francie was due to begin at 16:30 pm however it was well after 5 pm when she eventually began her session. This was due to the fact the JT had gone over with his presentation and mostly video's and slides of himself with various celebrities, testimonials from other students and photos of his home in the US and Thailand. Around 4 pm he handed out a sheet with 5 options for attendees to fill in, this was JT Foxx selling his coaching services & his Family Reunion tickets and interviews with John Travolta, 50 Cent, Fredrick Eklund and Calvin Klein. What I didn't explain earlier was that JT Fox was SELLING those 15-minute slots for $24,000 along with various coaching packages ranging from $997 - $4500. During Francie's marketing session attendees that signed up for the various options were called for 1 to 1's with either Brent or JT. My understanding from this was JT and Brent were simply sussing out how much money you had to spend on either coaching or interviewing the celebrities at "Family Reunion II". In my opinion, JT Foxx has built his business by "Brand Association" basically linking himself to celebrities. By 18:30 pm I was exhausted from the day's events. JT kept interrupting Francie's marketing session which was actually insightful. My guess is that they didn't sell as many coaching sessions/interviews with celebrities for Family Reunion as hoped. I have no idea of the actual finish time of the event as I left at 18:30 pm I would have liked to stay longer to hear Francie's seminar, 8 hours in that room was more than I could bear. My backside was numb sitting for long periods on chairs that were squashed together to fit into the room, it wasn't comfortable (take note). God love anyone with back trouble.

After googling JT FOX seminars opinion seems to be divided online, not just on the seminar but the man himself. Words like up sell, an aggressive salesman in a cheap suit all came up in past attendees feedback. So the big question is this. Is JT Foxx the real deal? I'm undecided, I cannot take away from his charisma, charity work and work ethic. JT Foxx is to be commended for this. It just strikes me the very people JT Foxx aligns himself with - Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs etc wouldn't host a free 1-day event in Dublin never mind Europe, South Africa etc if they didn't need the money. When JT Fox comes to town he's there to sell, end off. In the words of JT himself "everyone wants to buy, no one wants to be sold". However the choice remains yours, no one puts a gun to your head to purchase the cd's, coaching package or Family Reunion celebrity slots. Should I attend the 1-day event if they come to my town? There is value in what JT says and he is in business to make money. Start-ups will get tremendous value at this free event, experienced entrepreneurs like myself will get very little. We know we are being fed sound bites throughout the day to get people to sign up for coaching or something family reunion related. The point is, make up your own mind. Don't be persuaded by me or anyone else online it really depends on where you're at in business and what you hope to achieve. Be warned, it's a looooong day.

My success is not defined by a celebrity photo, a 15-minute interview with a celebrity or a glossy magazine cover shoot. That's not what motivates me to be successful. If I don't subscribe to your coaching sessions, it's not because I cannot afford the price tag or that I am not successful, it's simply because I don't believe you have anything valuable to teach me. As a successful entrepreneur, I believe in mentoring and assisting start-ups. I have given my time freely and yes it was appreciated and invaluable. The trouble with society today is everything has a price. While I understand fully the need to protect a brand, build a business, time is money, I will never understand why people in authority do not help others achieve their goals, hopes and dreams without gaining leverage of sorts or something for themselves. I call it the "what's in it for me syndrome". Let me be clear I am not specifically referring to JT, I'm referring to the industry as a whole. What harm could it be giving someone, an unknown a platform without the coaching fees, "what's in it for me" or brand association? We live in a society that is so consumer driven, it's all about sales we have forgotten the importance of relationships and it's connection to success. Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. JT mentioned because of his success everyone is looking to be associated with him and his brand, people are always "looking for something" so I am going to "give" you something that's much more valuable than platinum or anything tangible you can purchase from the wealth you have acquired - 7 Steps to creating a life of freedom. I challenge you [ JT Foxx ] to 28 days of "7 Steps" working towards creating a life of freedom. Perhaps you will be more humbled by the people you meet along your journey, at your events and culturally aware. Who knows? I'm guessing you won't take up my challenge because there is nothing in it for you and that my friend is how we differ as entrepreneurs and leaders.

After the event, I tweeted the photo attached to this post along with.

@JTFoxx Thanx 4 a great day #Dublin #Ireland I have the course|book. C U in Sept #

I have yet to receive a reply. Maybe the "go beyond communicating with people to connecting with people" message isn't sincere after all.

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