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Remove Fear, Become Free.

Fear holds us back from many things, being the person we are supposed to be, from creating new opportunities, living the life we are intended to live. Remove the fear and what do you have? Opportunity, that's what. If you remove fear from your life or any situation you receive clarity and the opportunity to make the right choice or the right decision with respect to any circumstance or situation. Fear is an inhibitor to growth and opportunity. Recently I shared my experience selling and buying a house. This week we had to make a decision with respect to the people purchasing our home. They refused to sign the contracts (for a 2nd time) unless we included additional items at no extra cost into the sale price. This was unreasonable and we were tired of the constant threats and the stress this process was having on our lives and relationships with those closest to us. We decided to cut these people loose and begin the process of selling our house again. The initial thought was terrifying, we have a deposit on a new family home which we could very much loose as we bring our house back to the market. We mulled over the decision painfully, it is a huge risk to take, we have a lot to loose (our new home and a chance to begin again) but the impact the last 3 months has had on our health and the immense fear we felt was having a crippling effect on us. For the past 3 months, we lived in fear that this deal was not going to go through because the people buying our home were unreasonable with no value on what items actually cost. So this week we made the decision to remove the fear. We pulled our house off the market and away from the selling agent. I cannot tell you the relief both myself and my husband felt once we made the decision and followed through with that decision. Every muscle in my body relaxed for the first time in 3 months. I could feel the tension and stress leave my body within hours of making the decision to cut these people loose from our lives.

Our solicitor commented that it was such a "brave" decision to make given how close to selling our home we had come. Our family and friends were nothing but supportive towards our decision. The people buying our home did not deserve our home with its lovely angelic healing energy and high-quality fixtures and fittings. Not to mention it's beautiful design and layout. Both my husband and I have worked hard over the years to create this beautiful sanctuary and these people were simply undeserving of this property. When I removed the fear of the unknown clarity in abundance came through. There is more than one selling agent in our town and more than one buyer for this home. The following day we contacted another selling agent and our home will return to the market over the coming days with an increased value. YES, that's right, property has increased in the past 6 months since we initially placed the house on the market. Hopefully, we will obtain a higher price for our property second time around. It hasn't been an easy road, there have been many challenges and obstacles and when I look back we should have released these people from our lives weeks ago. Fear made us hold on and fear, in the end, was the reason we let them go. Letting them go and specifically letting the fear go enabled us to take back control of our lives and our destiny. At the end of the day, it is OUR home, the power lies with US. Not the selling agent and especially not the people buying our home. They thought if they threatened us enough we would cave into their demands. Everyone has their limits, we had reached ours. The end result was the rug being pulled from beneath the selling agent and the buyers. Always remember no matter what situation life throws at you, the power always lies within you, you have the power/tools deep within you to deal with any event and situation life throws at you. All you need to do is remove the fear and begin afresh. There is no situation you cannot overcome, simply ask yourself these questions;

1 What will happen if I do ________________________________

2 What will happen if I don't do ____________________________

If none of those answers results in you or a loved one losing a life then what have you got to loose? In our case, this is how we made our decision.

What will happen if we continue with this sale? Our health will continue to suffer due to stress and tension and we will resent selling our beautiful home to people who were so undeserving of it from the beginning. For the rest of my life, I will resent selling our home to these people (I intend to live a long, full filled life, that's a lot of resentment to be carrying about).

What will happen if I don't continue with the sale? My health will be restored, the value of our property has increased. It will be an opportunity to find people who appreciate and value our beautiful home. We could lose the house we put a deposit on, however, we have spoken to the selling agent and we have been so patient and gracious that this is unlikely. We still have a beautiful home in our present home, with a roof over our heads that is truly magnificent and for that, I am eternally grateful (practice gratitude daily)

When you weigh up the pro's and cons the only outcome was to remove the fear, trust and believe this is an opportunity that has presented itself, for whatever reason I do not know presently, I am sure it will become clear in the coming weeks/months. All I know is these people were not the right people to buy our home, had I of listened to my gut at the start of this process I could have saved us all a lot of heartache (that's a future blog post, intuition for guidance). I know that the right people are out there, somewhere, they just have to make their way to us, the same way I had to make my way to Sonas. They just have to be guided, like I was guided and then they have to be patient and gracious - This is a process, you don't get what you want by threatening people and causing them stress and anguish, you don't get what you want by instilling fear into people, you get what you desire by being loving and open, gracious and patient. If you practice fear on a person (persons) the results will be temporary. Courage conquers fear, faith conquers fear, action conquers fear, love always conquers fear. The truth is fear only exists in the mind. If we can step outside our mind for a moment, just one moment to see what is on the other side of fear it will never have power over us to hold us back - We become fearless.

The Steps I Took To Overcome Fear

I had the courage to pull the house from the selling agent and purchasers.
We took action by hiring a new selling agent and we got landscape gardeners in to make our plot more attractive to new prospective buyers.
I have faith that the right people will be guided to purchase our home. People that don't act on fear and threats.
I have only love for our home and I invite in only loving people to view our home. This will make a lovely home for the right people.

Don't let fear control your words or actions. Here is a quote from our 7 steps to creating a life of freedom. Loose the fear, when we remove fear as an emotion from any situation we become invincible. Fear prevents us from achieving our goals or starting a new project that we've been thinking about and working towards for some time. Repeat after me "failure isn't an option".

Perhaps you want to begin a new project, move to a new house, move to a new career, don't let fear stop you making those decisions. Ask yourself the 2 simple questions above, become extraordinary, live the life you are intended to live, there will be setbacks, you can be sure of that. Don't give up, remove the fear, remove the obstacles and start afresh.

If you would like to read the blog post I wrote: "Keeping Calm While Buying And Selling A House" which relates to this post feel free, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments via twitter & facebook.

I remain calm, while all around me presently is uncertainty. Here's the thing, no one died, we are working towards nurturing ourselves back to optimised health and looking forward to putting the past 6 months behind us, stepping into a bright new future with optimum opportunities. I turned fear into courage, an obstacle into an opportunity which is all part of the #creatalifeoffreedom ethos. Remove fear, become free. This time we are only welcoming positive, kind and serious buyers into view our home. Watch this space....

The following affirmation/prayer became my daily mantra during this stressful time:

"I trust in the power and presence of God. Thy will be done. Amen."
Take the 28 days, 7 step challenge & see your life transform.


UPDATE: 19th Aug 2016, contracts sent to the new buyer. Never lose faith, stay focused, turn every obstacle into an opportunity. Open your heart and mind to receiving and you will receive.

UPDATE: 16th Sept 2016, we moved out of our home. 16th Dec 2016 we received the keys to our new home, Sonas. #relentlesspursuit.

Manners are the lub of society yet so many parents seem to be failing in teaching these simple lessons to their kid……
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