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When Life Gives You Lemons

My instinct or knee-jerk reaction would be to "break out the tequila & salt" guilty as charged. Today was different, having hit a brick wall on a business deal I'd been working on for over a year now I was about to throw in the towel. Raising the capital was becoming a major problem. I'm self-employed and banks are reluctant to lend to business owners like myself, it's part and parcel of the great Irish depression or should I say recession. Previously I spoke about obstacles being an opportunity for growth (7 Steps To Creating A Life Of Freedom) Thankfully I had a "good guy" in the bank working on my behalf and what was a "No" yesterday turned into a YES today! Through sheer determination we both persevered with this project, continuously pushing the boundaries, thinking outside the box to develop a solution. And then it came.... The solution. It's a scheme called "The Credit Guarantee Scheme" and up until 2 hours ago, I didn't even know it existed (I'm in business 13 years). The scheme is a Government initiative that was set up to encourage additional lending to commercially viable SMEs which, under normal lending criteria, who are unable to obtain new or additional facilities from their bank. The scheme facilitates this by providing banks (current participating lenders are AIB, Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank) with a Government-backed guarantee for 75% of the facility value. The scheme is intended to address distinct barriers to lending. It was exactly what I needed, this was the solution to enable me to complete a business opportunity I had been working on for over a year - Result!

Here's how I achieved the goal/result:

1 Focus on the desired result/outcome. In my case, it was securing the funding which will enable me to reduce my debt liability long term. Remember my financial goal in #creatingalifeoffreedom was to become debt free within 10 years (or less). This is a pivotal moment. I am in the process of being able to reduce my debt liability by 42% by completing this transaction.

2 Receive The universe favours the brave. If you open your heart and mind to receive you will receive. Over the past year, I pursued my goal relentlessly. I never doubted I wouldn't receive because my heart and mind were open to the desired outcome of receiving.

3 Being extraordinary! I wasn't afraid to jump outside my comfort zone and push the boundaries to enable me to reach my goal. Others would have given up after the 2nd or 3rd no. I refused to be defeated. I had given so much time and energy to this deal I just had to see it through. Exercise and running became part of my weekly routine. I tried to get a least 3 10KM's runs in weekly to help me relieve the stress and access what (if anything) we were missing. I knew there was a piece of the jigsaw we were missing I just couldn't find it. That was immensely frustrating and running helped me alleviate the stress associated with finding the missing piece of the puzzle.

4 Everything is energy! During this time I had to think only positive thoughts. My conversations with the business development manager at the bank were always positive. We were working together towards a common goal and working towards a positive solution and outcome for both myself and our business. It is imperative your words mirror your thoughts and this is reflected in the conversations you have with the people working to find a solution. Your thoughts are energy, your words are energy and the outcome will be reflected in the thoughts and words you use. Choose wisely.

5 Dig Deep! I knew I had within my soul the tools to find a solution to this problem. Obtaining this capital would allow me to reduce my overall debt which is part of my 5-year plan. I am 6 months into the financial part of #creatingalifeoffreedom and already a big chunk of my debt liability is going to be reduced. All because I began the journey of #creatingalifeoffreedom. Following those 7 steps has begun to make a huge life changing changes to my life.

6 Overcoming obstacles! It would have been so easy for me to give up on this project. I have so much other stuff going on what with selling our home and buying a new home there were times I questioned my own sanity. Did I really want the extra pressure and hassle while selling and buying a new home? I could have done without the stress and the obstacles placed in my way. I'd remind myself of my path, the journey I've found myself on, the life I envisioned #creatingalifeoffreedom and the answer is always YES, it is worth the stress because in 10 years time I will be delighted I embarked on this journey and took on fear, stress and every obstacle in my path head on - It's all part of the journey. I looked for the opportunity in the obstacle and the opportunity to reduce my level of debt was in the end more powerful than the obstacles to prevent me from focusing and pursuing the end result. When you look for the opportunity in any obstacle you will generally find the opportunity outweighs the obstacle.

7 Manifest That! The letter will arrive in the post over the coming days, my application is successful. I am now 1 step closer to achieving my goal of #financialfreedom and reducing my overall debt liability. WOW, I am infinitely grateful. All the meditating, visualisation, focus and relentless pursuit have paid off. I am excited to see what part of my life will change for the better, all because of 7 easy steps.

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UPDATE: 25th January 2017 my commercial debt was reduced by 42% and I did not have to avail of the Government-backed guarantee scheme for the remainder of the loan. RESULT!

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